Woody Allen Cast Miley Cyrus To Star In His New Series On Amazon

Woody Allen Cast Miley Cyrus To Star In His New Series On Amazon

Miley Cyrus Woody Allen

Let’s not speculate on whether or not Woody Allen believes the reruns of Hannah Montana he catches on Netflix are new episodes, but he just cast Miley Cyrus to be in his new series for Amazon. I have feeling rich white people and Jewish people will find it hysterical! Man, that Wooody Allen. Alays with his finger on the pulse.

…Allen has set the principal cast for the six half-hour-episode series that will take place in the 1960s, and it certainly is unexpected. Allen, who wrote the scripts and will direct, has set Elaine May and Miley Cyrus to star alongside him. I don’t know a lot more than this, as Allen is shrewd offering information on his projects. It begins shooting in March.

2016 has been pretty good for Miley so far. She got engaged again, now she’s starring alongside a dude who probably molested his daughter wife. I have a feeling this year is her year.

Here’s some pics before 2016 when she was going through her I was born rich and had a show handed to me that became a big hit then when it was over I didn’t want to be associated with it for some reason even though it made me richer and more famous so I had to pretend I was black for a while then a stoner for a while then I got naked a bunch phase. Glad that’s over. 

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