These Share Tables Should Be In Every Elementary School

These Share Tables Should Be In Every Elementary School

These ‘Share Tables’ Should Be In Every Elementary School

November 15, 2017

share tables at schools

Elementary schools across the country have been creating share tables to help reduce waste and feed the less fortunate.

Students are encouraged to drop off any unopened food or drink that they don’t want, which remains open at the share table for all students to take food from if they’re hungry. At the end of the day, the leftover food often goes to a local food bank.

Schools that don’t partner with local charities instead send the leftover food home with kids whose families could use extra help.

share tables at schools

Aloma Elementary in Orlando donates their leftover food to a church that helps feed about 100 homeless people every week.

“Without this program, that would literally go in the dumpsters,” Pastor Stan Reinemund told the Orlando Sentinel. “It really helps us out.”

share tables at schools

Share tables are open to all students, so there’s no judgement attached to it. That means all kids have access to the food whether their family can afford to eat or not.

Please share this article and talk to your child’s school about installing a share table.

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