These Photos Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt Cost Her 100,000 Instagram Followers

These Photos Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt Cost Her 100,000 Instagram Followers

It’s 2017. The world is in political turmoil. Military action in North Korea is a real possibility. Rich people are at serious risk of getting mugged at Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival, but let’s talk about something really important. Kim Kardashian just lost 100,000 Instagram followers after this picture of her butt was made public.


Dimples? Cellulite? Imperfections of any kind on a woman that is a 36-years-old, mother of two? This cannot be! After this photo of a less than perfect Kim Kardashian on vacation in Mexico was taken by paparazzi, her followers have gone into a full-blown panic. One of her followers said “Kim you make me feel sick talking about your flawless body when you run to the plastic surgeon for everything. There is nothing real about you.” Another said “Your body is completely fake.”

Though it is weird that people would hold the butt of a woman most famous for having sex with Ray J. on video to such high esteem, Kim courted the controversy on some level. When you tell people you have a “flawless body” for damn near a decade and a photo is released of you looking anything but, it’s natural for people to call you out.

Has Kim had surgery at some point in her life? Probably. Are her Instagram photos Photoshopped? Of course they were. I had my bio photo for my Break company badge Photoshopped to make my teeth look whiter and I’m a writer, no one cares what I look like.

For the record, this is what I look like.

It’s normal to follow models on Instagram because you think they are attractive, but being beautiful on the internet is a billion-dollar business. These men and women work out, have strict diets, and intense skin care regimes. Even through all of that, it’s completely normal to have a few imperfections digitally massaged out before posting.

It’s a bummer that Kim isn’t perfect, but look at the bright side. That means you don’t have to be perfect. Everyone is fallible. Even models have things about their bodies they’d like to change. If Kim Kardashian, a woman with a supposedly perfect body has a few dimples here and there, then it’s okay for you to eat that large pizza you’ve been meaning to eat in one sitting.

If you gain any weight you can just Photoshop it off later.

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