Jenelle Evans Living With A Felon: Nathan Griffith Furious With His Ex!

Jenelle Evans Living With A Felon: Nathan Griffith Furious With His Ex!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans claims she has moved on with a great guy and Teen Mom fans met him just a few weeks ago. Evans believes that David Eason is a great guy for her, but her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith isn’t exactly thrilled with this new guy. Nathan has been doing some digging and he has learned that Eason is actually a felon. And he clearly isn’t happy that his son, Kaiser, is caught in the middle. Nathan doesn’t want his son to develop a friendship with David. 

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans got a huge win last week when she was found “not guilty” in the assault case that plagued her for a while. Nathan wanted her to face the consequences of her actions and he wanted her to become a felon. This is great news for Evans, who can move forward with her career in the medical field.

But she still has to share custody of her son, Kaiser. Not only is she working to get her son back from her mother, but she could also be facing a custody battle with Nathan Griffith. Apparently, he’s furious with Jenelle that she would allow their son to hang out with Nathan.

“You live with a felon – I don’t,” Nathan told Jenelle, referring to her jailbird boyfriend, David Eason. Of course, Nathan doesn’t have a clean record himself, so it is funny that he’s so judgmental. And David doesn’t think Griffith is a suitable father.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s the father of your child or not,” David has said to Jenelle, adding, “To me it’s like a slap in the face that you would even want to meet up with him and talk to him.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans allowing a felon to live with her and her children?

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