Here's Why Taylor Swift's Friends and Family Like That She's Dating Calvin Harris

Here's Why Taylor Swift's Friends and Family Like That She's Dating Calvin Harris


Ever since Calvin Harris revealed in an interview that Taylor Swift checks off boxes he “didn’t even know existed,” we could tell that this was going to be a happy, long-lasting relationship for both. (Unlike past flirtations that fizzled out…) And a year later, the couple is still going strong—going on romantic vacations together, celebrating their anniversary with sweet gifts, and even spending the holidays with Swift’s family.

Another sign that Taylor and Calvin are a good match? Taylor’s best friend squad is reportedly just as happy as Taylor is with the relationship. “[Taylor and Calvin are] super happy together,” a source told People recently. “He gets along with her friends. They all like him and there’s no drama.”

One reason the squad allegedly approves? Calvin and Taylor are comfortable giving each other space when they need it. “They’re not a couple who are joined at the hip,” another source told the magazine. “They enjoy romantic date nights when they are off, but both Taylor and Calvin have many friends they hang out with separately. Her girlfriends seem very important to Taylor.”

As for Taylor’s family, the insider says he spends a lot of time with them. “He gets along great with Taylor’s brother, and it’s very obvious that her parents really like Calvin.”


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