Find the Best Nearby Cities for Craft Beer and Microbrews With This Tool

Find the Best Nearby Cities for Craft Beer and Microbrews With This Tool

If you’re looking to go on a craft beer pilgrimage, this interactive tool lets you explore the U.S. cities with the most breweries and highest rated brewskis.

The tool comes from Russell Goldenberg at The Pudding, and combines tons of data from RateBeer to determine the best places for beer aficionados. When you load it up, it determines your location to see if you live in a great beer city. If not, it tells you where your city ranks, and where the closest top beer city is. If you’re wondering what the best beer cities in the country are, here are the top five:

  1. Santa Rosa, CA
  2. San Diego, CA
  3. Denver, CO
  4. Anchorage, AK
  5. Portland, OR

And some of the highest rated breweries in those locations included AleSmith Brewing Company, Green Flash Brewing Company, Societe Brewing Company, Pizza Port, and Modern Times Beer. You can check it out for yourself here.

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