Cute Teacher Arrested For ‘Role Playing, Sex Acts And More’ With Student

Cute Teacher Arrested For ‘Role Playing, Sex Acts And More’ With Student

28-year-old Samantha Fitzpatrick had a lot going for her, and by “a lot” I mean she’s pretty decently attractive. Most of the teachers who get wrapped up in sex scandals with students make you think “I bet she has a great sense of humor” upon first glance instead of “I would pay $5 to crawl through a mile of broken lightbulbs just to take a bite out of her chocolate starfish” – and while I’m not sure eating Samantha’s butt is worth $5 and legs full of shrapnel, no one would be embarrassed to bring her home to mom.

…Except for the fact that she was recently arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her students.

No one’s perfect, right?

According to Daily Mail, Fitzpatrick taught at Ripon High School in Wisconsin from 2016-2017 and “abruptly” resigned from her job before summer break in May. After receiving a tip about their alleged relationship, police began investigation Fitzpatrick and discovered that the relationship was no secret, and that other teachers at Ripon had heard whisperings of it before:

 “In October, a student came to (the teacher) and reported that someone told her that Victim A had gone to a party at a hotel in Oshkosh and he had arrived at the party late.

Victim A told a student that the reason he arrived to the party late was because he was at Fitzpatrick’s and he just had sex with her.”

The same teacher said that she had noticed “flirtatious behavior” between Fitzpatrick and the unnamed student, even going so far as to confront her over it. Rather than reigning in her actions, Fitzpatrick reportedly chuckled and said “I could see how they [the students] would say this.”

GURL – most teachers don’t have this many chances to ice their loins and calm the fuck down. Most of them get busted by parents without any warning, yet here you are, getting sign after sign that you’re eventually going to get busted…and instead you laugh at it. Sorry to say it, but Fitzpatrick definitely deserves everything coming her way.

After being interviewed by police, the unnamed student divulged that Fitzpatrick would give him car rides but denied having a sexual relationship, saying that he was “joking” about having sex with her to his friends. Not about to give up so easy, police accessed his Facebook account and found a “slew of racy Facebook messages and texts between the two – which detailed ideas of ‘role playing, sex acts and more.’” Daily Mail reports that conversations taking place between November 2016 and May 2017 show that the relationship had “positively” turned sexual at some point.

As for Fitzpatrick, she had attempted to delete all the calls and messages she had from the student from her cell phone, but police were still able to unveil 67 phone calls from the student’s phone to her phone, as well as texts that included her confessing her “love” for him and requesting he send her revealing pictures.

Protip: if you’re going to have an affair with an underage student, don’t leave a paper trail on either side.

Since her arrest, Ripon High School has sent out the following statement to parents:

‘In May of 2017, the district shared the attached information with high school parents about an investigation regarding allegations of improper conduct by former employee Samantha Fitzpatrick. 

‘We are sharing this information with all district parents today as we are aware the investigation involving former employee Samantha Fitzpatrick is complete and a criminal complaint with charges has been issued,’ the letter read.

‘We have just received this information and will respond once we have an opportunity to review and understand the criminal complaint.’

Fitzpatrick now faces 35 years behind bars and $130,000 in fines. She has been charged with child enticement, exposing a child to harmful materials and obstructing a police officer. 

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